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Secret Lives of Americans is a fascinating, new documentary series that takes a look at the secrets we all keep, and the strength it takes to reveal them to our friends and family. Eating disorders, food security, HIV/AIDS, and debt are just a few of issues in the U.S. that push many to secrecy and isolation. For these ten courageous Americans, though, now is the time to finally come clean. In a groundbreaking storytelling format, each person will self-document their journey – with handheld cameras, phones, and laptops - as they reveal their secret to their friends, their family, and to you.

Cayes is a compassionate behavorial interventionist at a local school, who recieved the greatest joy from seeing his student's progress. He also works as a "manny" to a local family, assisting mother Danielle and caring for her son, Elliot. However, he's been keeping a secret for the past six years - a secret he's hid from Danielle and his co-workers at the school. Motivated by multiple teen suicides in the LGTB community, Cayes is finally ready to speak his truth to Danielle and his friends at work in order to be a positive role model for young teens everywhere.

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