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The latest bother if you visit the website is that you might get a red page like this:


Stay Calm, do not panic.

It might be in another language for everyone but with one click it will solve this issue.

1.First click on "Details"
The page expands downwards.
2. Click where it reads that if you understand the safety issues you can visit the website.
On the image (top) you see a white circle at the bottom of the page where yu can find the link.
Well now,that 's where you just click on it and you can continue to explore moving images of love.

You can expect mature advertisement.

Fero embeds links from extern sites & to avoid the problematic commercials online,DO USE A POP-UP BLOCKER in your browser.
do use malwarebytes
Lick at the  Close the pop-up.
Do not press OK at the pop-up.
Do not download anything that is offered.
Then lick at the playbutton of the videoplayer

Do visit HOWTOWATCH for more information 

about how to watch videos on stream sites...

A very interesting read is 

Keeping Yourself Safe on the Net

keep yourself safe on the net

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