Keeana Kee ft. Maffio - Coconut Rum and Coke


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After living in the UK, where she began her musical career performing in neighborhood bars around London, Latvian-born model Keeana Kee’s debut single — a breezy reggae track that mimics the laid back vibe of its title, “Coconut Rum and Coke”— was released in the U.S. this May, under the influence of Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio.

Despite the adversity she faced growing up in Latvia, Keeana was determined to make music her life. Once she could afford to take vocal lessons, she also began teaching herself to play piano and guitar. Keeana maintains ongoing musical projects with producers/DJs in Europe. Both talented and beautiful, Keeana is also an openly gay performer and advocate for LGBTQ Community. Her video for “Coconut Rum and Coke,” which features Maffio, also celebrates same love as a fantasy realized. It can certainly bring summer to every season leaving that Exotic Coconut after taste.

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