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Sue Perkins immerses herself in the complex life of Kolkata and explores the city’s teeming streets, to understand how it has become one of the most exciting places on Earth. She sees first-hand how it has evolved from a place notorious for its fabled 'Black Hole' dungeon and the dreadful poverty of its street people, to a place re-inventing itself as a vibrant new megacity, with a booming property sector and a reputation for eccentricity, culture and tolerance.

In this intricate human habitat Sue will explore the lives of its people, from the homeless street kids hustling for a living to the wealthy young entrepreneurs who race their Ferraris and Lamborghinis down the streets of the New Town.

She joins the rickshaw wallahs navigating the chaotic city streets and narrow lanes, thronged with people, and descends into Kolkata's Victorian sewers as part of an epic clean up. She limbers up with the ladies of the Laughing Club (pictured) and makes an offering to the Goddess in the sacred Kalighat Temple.

No other city tells the remarkable story of India more clearly than the beautiful, crazy, colourful city of Kolkata. Through encounters with people from every strata of society, from the richest to the poorest, Sue will paint a picture of contemporary India, emerging from a brutal Colonial past to take its place among the most powerful nations on Earth.

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