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Ellen Morgan, a 32-year old, wisecracking, insecure single woman who lives in Los Angeles and works at a bookstore called "Buy the Book," deals with a crisis when she tries to get her awful drivers license photograph changed. Meanwhile, Holly, one of Ellen's friends, is dating a new guy, named Roger, and Ellen fears that he will dump her after Holly sleeps with him. Rounding out the friends are Adam Greene, Ellen's sloppy, sarcastic roommate, and Anita, Adam's one-time, smart mouthed girlfriend.

Notable Guest Stars: William Bumiller (Roger Koenig, "Pilot"), Giovanni Ribisi (Cashier, "Pilot"), Kurt Fuller (Dr. Collins, "The Refrigerator"), Clea Lewis (Audrey, "The Anchor"), Elinor Donahue (Delores, "The Tape"), Brian McNamara (Jim, "The Tape"), Molly Shannon (Woman, "The Houseguest"), Harland Williams (Ticket Taker, "The Houseguest"), Jill Talley (Infomerical Woman, "The Houseguest")

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