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Cássia Rejane Eller. Cássia Eller. Cássia. Uma poderosa força inquieta no palco, a timidez em pessoa fora dele. Um dos grandes nomes da música brasileira, Cássia Eller marcou a década de 1990 e chocou o país com sua morte precoce, em 2001. Um filme sobre a cantora, a mãe, a mulher que expôs sua vida pessoal e rompeu barreiras, deixando um belo legado social e artístico.

Cássia Rejane Eller (December 10, 1962 - December 29, 2001) was a Brazilian musician. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962, but spent most of her adolescence in Brasilia. In 1990 she returned to Rio and her recording career took off. Her most popular album is the live recording Acustico that she did for MTV Brasil (essentially the Brazilian version of an MTV Unplugged album), and her best-known hit songs are her cover of Malandragem, originally written by Cazuza and "Segundo Sol". Eller is known for her fusion of rock and MPB, and for her extremely deep and husky singing voice. She is also notable as one of Brazil's most prominent lesbian artists. Her sexuality, along with her musical style, has caused some to draw comparisons with Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls as well as Melissa Etheridge.

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