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She's Beautiful When She's Angry (2014)


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An American documentary about some of the women involved in the second wave feminism movement in the United States of America; it was directed by Mary Dore.

Rita Mae Brown 
Rita Mae Brown“I joined NOW, and I was the youngest person there and I think I was the only southerner. I called them on the carpet about class, and I called them on the carpet about race, and then I called them on the carpet about lesbianism, I said, ‘You are treating women the way men treat you. And those women are lesbians.’”

Tags: Rita Mae Brown, Mary Dore, BettyFriedan, Muriel Fox, Ellen Willis, Jo Freeman, Jacqui Ceballos, Alice Wolfson, Fran Beal, Marilyn Webb, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Heather Booth, Judith Arcana, Virginia Whitehill, Alix Kates Shulman, Ruth Rosen, Chude Pamela Allen, Karla Jay, Our Bodies, Ourselves Collective, Carol Giardina, Kate Millett, Alta, Trina Robbins, Denise Oliver, Ellen Shumsky, Linda Burnham, Susan Brownmiller, Marlene Sanders, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Nona Willis Aronowitz, Mary Jean Collins, Susan Griffin, Vivian Rothstein

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