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Jhimma 2020

Many thanks to Cas

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'Jhimma' is a story about 7 women from different age groups and different socio -cultural backgrounds coming together on a vacation to the Great Britain with a tour company for 10 days. These women come with their issues and a lot of baggage. During the course of this trip we hope to unfold each character and their journey. Each of the woman faces her demons and discovers herself. The trip turns into an opportunity to mend fences, heal old and new wounds, fall in love with life and combat their worst fears. Jhimma is a slice of life film. Which just gives us a new and fresh perspective towards our lives.

The film is about a group of ~10 women of various age & background going to London from India thanks to a new tour operator, here portrayed by the only man in the cast.
It's not a particularly new idea for a plot (we both might have seeing a dozen or more film like this), but its success is then depending on other factors that aren't the novelty of the plot.
In fact the plot here is barely existent. It's just a frame.

While these women do what every tourist does and nothing's interesting in that, they also talk to each other and influence each others actions.
Now some of these interactions you will find meaningful or moving or funny, others you'll find forced, uninteresting, boring, clichéd etc.
It might depend on the viewer, but it's fair to say half of the film might fall in the latter category, which weights on the scale of its final effect: it feels light and relaxing because the occasional drama is diluted.

Also the characters are not all equally developed. A choice.
All in all a few lifechanging things happen, but nothing that excapes the expected rules of society, I feel (though the impression of a viewer with different culture might be different).

Of course there aren't lgbtq characters, so you might not be interested..

I liked some of the stories and the characters anyway.
The spirit of the film is positive and I watched it easily, even with subs


Tags: Namratha Anap, Akshata Apte, Suchitra Bandekar, Seema Chandekar, Sugandha Dalavi

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