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The Wound 2017 Inxeba


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'The discussion of toxic masculinity is taken to an entirely new level when it is contextualized in South Africa, a country where 84% of people believe that homosexuality is inherently wrong. However, this is precisely the kind of discussion “The Wound” aims to have.

The film is set among the Xhosa ethnic group during an initiation ritual where teenage boys become men through circumcision. After healing from their wounds, they must then undergo a period of separation from their families in the mountains of the Eastern Cape. It is during this ritual that two male lovers Xolani and Vija are able to be together in an arrangement reminiscent of “Brokeback Mountain.”

Their arrangement is thrown off when one of the initiates learns of their relationship. Said initiate, Kwanda, is an outsider to the ritual, as his father simply sent him to the mountains to toughen up. Kwanda is driven to question these traditions, however, which draws Xolani’s attention and causes conflict over repressed truths.'

Tags: gay,, South Africa, Xhosa