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Roadhouse Girl 1955


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Marilyn is set in a small roadside garage and cafe in the quiet English countryside. Marilyn (Sandra Dorne) is the pretty but bored young wife of the garage owner George (Leslie Dwyer)- a dour hard-working with the typical views on women prevalent at the time, in other words Marilyn is expected to look pretty for him, do the things he wants her to do and not talk to handsome men!

The film opens with George employing a new mechanic Tom (Maxwell Reed), a rugged quiet man. Due to the isolated location the job includes simple accommodation above the garage which next to the main building comprising the Cafe and George and Marilyn's accommodation.

Marilyn, in her swirly skirts and and with a love of dancing is drawn to the quiet Tom, and when George has to go to London for a couple of days and refuses to take Marilyn with him, she goes after Tom and quickly gets the desired response! They are lying together discussing getting away from this backwater when George unexpectedly returns home late that first evening having had a few pints. When he discovers his marital bed empty and seeing the light burning in Toms window he goes looking and finds them together. An argument ensues and when George tries to attack Marilyn, Tom pulls him off and punches George, knocking him backwards and George strikes his head on the dresser as he falls and dies.

As they are wondering what to do a car pulls up, Marilyn goes to see who it is and it met by charmer Nicky (Ferdy Mayne) looking for petrol who tries to chat up Marilyn. She sends him away but he promises to return. In panic they decide to put George's body at the foot of the stairs in the main house and claim he fell whilst drunk. Rosie (Vida Hope), Marilyn's maid is disturbed by the noise of the body being moved and hears Marilyn and Tom as they discuss the plan, although they are unaware they have been overheard.

The Coroners jury return a verdict of accidental death on George following an accidental fall after the consumption of alcohol.

Marilyn returns to the Garage and sets about spending Georges life insurance updating the cafe and talks about applying for an alcohol\liquor license to improve trade. True to his word Nicky reappears and soon works his charms on Marilyn with his sophistication and money leaving Tom feeling sidelined. Ferdy is soon talking about having to go to South America on business and taking Marilyn with him. Marilyn is captivated by idea of travel and telling Tom what they intend, an argument develops between them with Marilyn saying if you loved me you would want me to have things and go places. Tom tries to persuade her to come to London with him as an alternative albeit a poor one given his relative poverty.

Rosie again overhears and realises that Marilyn will drop her her and disappear with Ferdy. Rosie confronts Marilyn who tries to wriggle out of the truth. Rosie storms out talking about getting even. The film closes with the police arriving to arrest Tom and Marilyn for the murder of husband George.

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Tags: Crime, lesbian friend, Vida Hope

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