I came out to my husband, then he came out to me

 Christine Tringali Nunes: ‘One day I woke up and I knew I had to tell Joe. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.’ 

was raised to be a mother and a housewife; my mother was the same. Growing up in the 80s in a small town, I didn’t know much about gay culture. It was never talked about. I briefly dated a woman in my late teens, but it didn’t work out and I decided: I’ll be straight. At the time, it made sense. Little did I know, the guy I was about to marry was having a similar experience.

Joe and I met in 1989. I was 19, he was 23. He was just so darned cute. I was a strong, independent, outgoing kid, but something happened when I saw him. It was at community college in Auburn, California, and I just knew he was the guy. Soon after we met, my biological clock kicked in, and I really wanted a family with him. We got married a year later and soon had our first son. We didn’t talk about our sexuality.

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