The xx’s Roxy Madley Croft drops debut solo single, Lifetime


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All the way back in April, when lockdown was in full swing, Romy Madley Croft took to Instagram live to give us some news we’ve been wanting ever since The xx hit the music scene all the way back in 2009. 

Romy has always been open about her queerness since her days DJing in London gay clubs from the age of just 17 and we’ve always wondered what form her solo efforts would take. 

We can’t say we knew exactly what vibe Romy’s solo music would be, but we had a feeling her days of soft whispers over alternative indie tracks were gone. 

Lifetime is a fun, euphoric dance floor filler proving how far Romy has evolved as an artist. If we were allowed on a dance floor right now, there’s no doubt this would be blasting at full volume, bringing all of the energy through its perfect mixture of dance and pop.

Romy said: “I’ve been thinking a lot about how short life is and how quickly things can change. My intention with this song is to celebrate life, togetherness, to appreciate the moment before it’s gone.”

“I think subconsciously the upbeat energy of the song is a reaction to the stillness and anxiety I was feeling in lockdown. I was missing the pace of the outside world, spontaneous moments, the euphoria of dance floors, of love and connections with my friends and family. I realised when everything was stripped back, simple moments of togetherness, meant the most to me.”

“I’ve always loved club classics that unite a room, big emotional dance songs, that you can sing along to as well. I’m excited to have the opportunity to show my love for dance music with Lifetime.”

Listen to the brand new track from Romy below. 


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