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Decisions. We have to make them about so many things. You’re making one right now. Should you read on? Skim to the last line?

We have to make them about so many things.

You’re making one right now. Should you read on? Skim to the last line? Or just look at the pictures?

Every day we decide what to eat. When to eat it. Where to buy it. Who to make friends with. Who to stay friends with. Which way to go. Who to choose.

But one thing we can’t choose is who we fall in love with.

It just happens. Whether you like it or not.

Mekelle Mills, 27, explores this, among other themes, in her upcoming debut feature film Zoe.Misplaced.

A filmschool dropout, Mills says that one day she had a decision to make. She could either continue dreaming of films, talking about them at the pub and day- dreaming about her new camera at work. Or she could put herself on the line and make it happen.

She made a decision. She decided to make a film.

The next day, she retreated to the picturesque Nelson Bay, hid herself away from city life, quit drinking, sat down and starting writing. Three months later, she had the first draft of Zoe.Misplaced.

Mills decided to make a film that’s not about coming out. Or discrimination. Or marriage equality. Or gaybies.

It’s just about life. Friendships. Women. And love.

And the decisions when all these things collide.

Zoe is a twenty-something lesbians juggling study, women, friends and family. Her life is thrown into upheaval when she unexpectedly falls in love. She is faced with making a series of choices whose outcomes not only impact on her independence but on the relationships with those most important to her.

Described by Mardi Gras Festival directors as ‘witty’ and ‘highly relatable’ this film is an impressive debut showcasing some fantastic local talent.

Mekelle’s story is not uncommon. She had a tough choice to make and it seems from her successes, that she has made the right one.

We all have to make these decisions. Do we follow our dreams even though they seem out of reach? Do we always choose what makes us happy?

This is a movie about choices. Friends. Exes. Lesbians. Lovers.

And decisions.


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