American Gods star Yetide Badaki reveals how show helped her come out as bisexual


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bILQUIS">American Gods' Bilquis star Yetide Badaki has spoken about how she felt comfortable enough to come out as bisexual last year because of the show.

an exclusive chat, the Nigerian-born American actress opened up about how the Neil Gaiman fantasy approaches queerness.

"We have these characters, like Salim, and the discussions happening there with that. We have the wonderful Devery Jacobs. I'm so excited, this season [the third], for everybody to meet Dominique Jackson as the goddess that she is," began Yetide.

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"I feel like this show is always willing to have these conversations, and always willing to open it up. I've experienced personally how that kind of open discourse allows for personal freedom."

She then revealed: "I came out as bisexual last year. I would say it's very much thanks to this show, and the discussions they're having."

Further along, we also asked the actress what it's like to portray such an empowering figure on screen.

"I love that she has powers. I mean, maybe I'm biased," she laughed, "but I think if she actually existed in the world, that would be powerful.

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"What's incredible is that she empowers me. I found that there has been this kind of symbiosis. There are these moments in life where it's almost like: what would Bilquis do?

"I was so happy to be having conversations about sexual empowerment and sex positivity, because I think there is so much that goes on in the silence, in the darkness. That's where things go in the cracks."

On the health benefits of 'owning' your own sexuality, Yetide also shared: "I always say that regression comes from repression. When you're actually able to face whatever it is, that's when growth and evolution can occur.

"So that's been something that I'm very proud to be a part of."


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