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pride uganda

  I'd like to invite you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pride Uganda with us, the local LGBT+ communities of Uganda.

The anniversary will be huge! There will be a safe and beautiful Gala, our first-ever sports event, an awards ceremony to recognize the work of local LGBT+ organizations, and we'll be celebrating coming out of a rough lockdown.

Phew, there's a lot! And in order to do all of those things and also cover the full security costs for ALL of the activities across Uganda, we need your help.

Click here to join Pride Uganda by donating today.

All donations up to USD 10,000 will be matched by a very supportive donor. That means: if you donate USD 25 today, you'll actually be supporting Pride Uganda with USD 50!
Click here to donate today and have your contribution doubled! 

pride uganda

I'm Lisa and I've been on the organizing committee of Pride Uganda since 2016. I've attended every edition since the first one, in 2012!

That year, we were raided by police. For a few hours, people were just there, together, having fun, celebrating, marching, being happy and then just… BOOM, police are everywhere and arresting everyone.

That happened because Uganda is one of the almost 70 countries where being gay is a crime. So, being able to celebrate Pride is particularly necessary for us.

It's a day when we get to be visible to the people who might not even be aware that there are LGBT+ communities in Uganda – especially the people who are LGBT+ themselves and are looking to find solidarity.

And at Pride you can really find that. You feel comfort, connection, a sense of belonging, and respect. It's unparalleled. Pride Uganda really HAS to exist. Even with the hateful laws, it has to.

That's why, even with all the obstacles and hardships, we've never stopped. And why Pride Uganda turning 10 is a very big achievement!

I'm really looking forward to celebrating our 10 years of actively being present in Uganda. Come join this celebration! Donate today to support Pride Uganda.

Stay safe!

Lisa, from Pride Uganda




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