‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Fans Make It Clear They Do Not Want a Tibette Reunion in Season 3

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How do you feel about a potential Bette Porter and Tina Kennard reunion? Some fans are clearly not here for the idea. They reacted strongly after The L Word: Generation Q Season 2 finale set up a possible reconciliation between the two and took to social media to protest a Tibette reunion for the next season of the show.

New episodes of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ are on the way
It was announced in February that Showtime had approved another season of the show. The news came months after the second season finale and plenty of speculation over whether the show would continue.

Showtime said in a press release shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet that actors Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Katherine Moennig, Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, Rosanny Zayas, Sepideh Moafi, and Jordan Hull would all be returning.

The new season will be “executive produced by showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan, along with series creator Ilene Chaiken, Kristen Campo, Allyce Ozarski, Melody Derloshon, and original series stars Beals, Moennig, and Hailey.”

In the latest season, viewers (and Bette) met Tina’s (Laurel Holloman) partner Carrie Walsh (Rosie O’Donnell) for the first time. Bette struggled to accept their relationship and co-parent with Carrie from the beginning despite claiming to no longer have feelings for Tina. Eventually, her snooty behavior coupled with Tina’s failure to stick up for Carrie caused Carrie to call off their engagement. The same night, Tina arrived on Bette’s doorstep hoping to talk.

Many fans do not want Bette and Tina back together

While some support the idea of a reunion, others do not, especially those who watched the original The L Word, where they were constantly breaking up and getting back together. When a Reddit user made a post predicting another reunion for the duo, it received an onslaught of negative comments.

“I’m sick of the same ole crap with Tibette,” one fan wrote. “These women are in they 50’s acting like 12yrs. End this crap and move on . Allow Bette to grow the hell up. Stop catering to they fan service.”

“I’m with you and hoping that in the hypothetical situation of Tina asking for Bette back, that Bette turns her down,” read another comment.

“I just can’t see them getting them back together while [Laurel Holloman] is only a guest star,” a third fan said. “It would be such a waste of [Jennifer Beals] to have her tied into a relationship that can only be onscreen for a couple of episodes a season. I think it makes sense for Bette’s development to turn her down, pretty much everything in S2 was leading to her wanting to move on. If she just jumps back into Tina’s arms it undoes a lot of that.”

Others, however, liked the idea of Bette and Tina getting back together.

“I’m a very nostalgic person so I’d be happy with them getting back together,” read another comment, “but at least acknowledge Tina’s flaws and don’t just make her the grand prize Bette needs to win.”

We personally love Bette and Tina. But at the same time, we agree with that user that, unless they’ve made serious changes, it’s probably best that they stay apart.

Watch ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Season 3 in 2022

Viewers will find out what happens with Tina and Bette when the show returns. While Showtime has not shared an exact release date, it has confirmed that the show will be back in 2022. Until then, check out the earlier episodes now on feromoon.



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