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Piers Morgan asks trans non-binary couple if he can identify as a black woman


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Piers Morgan asked a trans non-binary couple whether he could identify as a black woman.

The journalist and moderator made the statement during today’s (17 May) episode of Good Morning Britain.

He was interviewing Fox Fisher and his partner Owl, a trans non-binary couple from England.

The pair spoke about why and how they don’t identify as male or female.

They also spoke about a children’s book, illustrated and co-authored by Fox, about gender and being non-binary or trans.

At one point during the interview, Morgan then allegedly asked: ‘Can I identify as a black woman then?’

During the interview Morgan also said being non-binary ‘is a real thing’ before he called being non-binary a ‘massive new fad’ and something he is concerned about.

‘You’re not telling me that eight kids in one year at one all-girls school in this country suddenly woke about and said “we feel non-binary”,’ Morgan said.

‘They’ve heard you guys talking about being non-binary and they think it’s cool!’

Fox and Owl in return accused him of fearmongering, pointing out that gender identity is not a trend.

Social media users were quick to pick up on Morgan’s claims, pointing out the controversial host had completely missed the point.

Morgan already made similar remarks yesterday (16 May).

During yesterday’s episode, he went on a rant about a new proposal that prisons should recognize gender-neutral prisoners

In a conversation with his co-hosts, Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins, Morgan said people ‘were born male or female’ with the exception of trans people.

‘This non-binary thing is ridiculous,’ he said.

‘It’s anarchy.’

During an interview with journalist Harriet Minter and Professor Eric Anderson, who were speaking about monogamy, Morgan then asked their opinion on gender-neutral labels.

Anderson said he thought everyone should be able to identify as they wish, which sent Morgan into another rant.

‘So a white man can identify as a black man? Are you serious? Okay, I now identify as a black non-binary, the host said.

‘I’m allowed to do it.’

He then said you ‘don’t have the option to choose between being black or white’ and asked where it would end.

Morgan also said he was ‘freaked out’ by gender neutrality and spoke about kids at his daughter’s school.

’It’s an all girls’ school in this country and in one year, there are now eight non-binary students who do not identify as girl,’ Morgan said.

‘I think that’s dangerous. It’s creeping and it’s creeping fast. I don’t think that’s right.’

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