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what would Bette do

Lyndabeth's ratLyndabeth and I met on the former MediaBlvd forum at The L Word category.and we became friends instantly. It was the humour that was the click between us. No erotic friendship.
Just our love and dedication to TiBette.

She made lots of cartoons for but unfortunately they all were lost when the website was offline for a period of time.

Just found some, only a few from the hundreds she has made during the six seasons of The L Word.
The theme is The L Word  Lyndabeth and her rat. The rat didn't want any photograph taken...




there's more to life than the l word



 new l word to watch



 season 3



 new Laurel backgroundscreen



 Lyndabeth and Otto


 all go




 i can watch all day



 betta say really crazy



 Lovely bum



 slap you



 senator clip


 australian open




It could be January all year


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