The L Word

Karaoke, or not so okie?

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What a complete and utter shitstorm did we get intowith this episode?! Sorry for dropping this on your screens so bluntly, but its honestly the most predominant feeling I had throughout the entire watch, and it has not gotten any better pondering what I could possibly write about it to still do justice to all my so beloved characters. I could of course focus on all that was good in this f*cked up L world, like Alice finally not crying in the shower that morning, as she stated to Sophie. Or Shane, Bette and Alice absolutely rocking their version of “love shack” and enjoying the hell out of it. They must have had a blast filming it, as Alice looks like she’d gladly “bully” her friends into karaoke night every single day of the week. And then of course we had Micah and Maribel clearing up the air and their insecurities about the night they spent together, Sophie and Finley finally hooking up for real and Alice mustering up the courage to tell Tom she wants to dance with him, and not as friends, which is taking him completely by surprise in the most endearing way: “I’m excited, I’m gonna shut the fuck up”. Oh, and there are of course the promising developments between Shane and Tess (truth really does go a long way), between Dani and Gigi (kindness combined with bonding over ‘dipping into someone’s food’ apparently go a long way too!), and between Bette and Pippa (love of art and a great meeting of the minds, as Bette would probably call this connection, may ultimately lead them on the path of love as well?). Great stuff, right? What’s not to like? Where’s the shitstorm? 

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