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Bad Girls s7


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The seventh series of British drama series Bad Girls premiered on ITV on 10 May 2005. The series concluded on 19 December 2005 with a Christmas Special. Series Seven consists of thirteen episodes.

The series is significant in that it marks the departure of Jack Ellis, who had appeared as Jim Fenner since the beginning of Series One. As Series Six was initially to be his final series, Ellis decided to return one last time. This series also sees the departure of Tracey Wilkinson, who had played the part of Di Barker since Series Two, Philip McGough who was first introduced in Series Two as prison doctor, Malcolm Nicholson, James Gaddas who appears for the final time as main character Neil Grayling (making a one-off guest appearance in the first episode of Series Eight) and Tristan Sturrock who has played Colin Hedges since Series Five.

This series sees the introduction of Nicola Stapleton (Janine Nebeski), Rebecca Hazlewood (Arun Palmer), Liz May Brice (Pat Kerrigan), Laura Rogers (Sheena Williams), Andrew Scarborough (Kevin Spiers) and Ellie Haddington (Joy Masterton) respectively.

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