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Batwoman S2


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  With Kate Kane missing, Ryan Wilder will be the new Bat in town. So far, we know that Wilder is much different from her predecessor. The woman we meet at the beginning of this new season lives in a van, with a plant as her most prized possession.

Season 2 will also actively focus on race, with the trailer already showing us a confrontation between Ryan Wilder and Alice where the hero rightfully points out that if Alice were a Black woman she'd have been dead long ago. A big part of Batwoman's character is her queer identity, which will carry on with Ryan as well. 

Who's in 'Batwoman' Season 2?

While the mantle of Batwoman has shifted from Ruby Rose to Javicia Leslie, we'll still be seeing a lot of familiar faces heading back into Season 2. Here's a look at the players - both new and old - that we'll meet in the first episode of the new season.

  • Javicia Leslie (Ryan Wilder)
  • Meagan Tandy (Sophie Moore) 
  • Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton) 
  • Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox) 
  • Rachel Skarsten (Alice)
  • Dougray Scott (Jacob Kane)
  • Shivaani Ghai (Safiyah Sohail)
  • Alex Morf (Victor Zsasz)



epi.1 Whatever happened to Kate Kane?
Kate’s friends and family hold on to hope that Kate may still be found, a homeless 25-year-old named Ryan Wilder stumbles upon Kate’s Batsuit. Focused on no longer being a victim, Ryan takes the suit to use as armor and goes rogue in the streets of Gotham, taking out various members of a new gang called the False Face Society. Meanwhile, both Jacob Kane and Luke Fox launch searches for Kate, Mary Hamilton grapples with losing yet another family member, Sophie Moore struggles with things left unsaid to her first love, and Alice is furious that someone got to Kate before she could exact her revenge. At the same time, “Bruce Wayne” returns under the pretense of searching for Kate, but the truth is he wants his suit back and it becomes the clash of imposters as “Batwoman” and “Bruce” square


epi.2 Prior Criminal History
After her quick spin in the Batgear, Ryan Wilder is back to facing the daily challenges of life as herself. Meanwhile, Alice has a new, devious plan to get the attention of both Gotham and Safiyah. With Kate still missing and the city in an uprising, Luke and Mary are desperate to find a stand in. In a pinch, Ryan dons the suit again and comes face-to-face with Alice for the first time. Back at Crows Headquarters, Sophie and Commander Kane try to uncover who may have had a vendetta against Kate.


epi.3 Bat Girl Magic!
As Ryan Wilder continues to prove herself as Batwoman, she encounters the challenge of every superhero – living a double life. Mary is still Team Ryan, while Luke continues to have reservations – especially when Ryan makes some alterations and unveils a new Batsuit! Meanwhile, Victor Szasz is slashing his way through the city streets, and Commander Kane has The Crows trying to stop the flow of Snakebite through Gotham. Safiyah takes notice of Alice's antics and Sophie finds herself in unexpected circumstances.


epi.4 Fair Skin, Blue Eyes
As Batwoman attempts to fight the proliferation of Snake Bite through Gotham, a random encounter forces her to revisit her painful past. Empowered by her new role, Ryan Wilder is determined to ensure others like her don’t go unnoticed. Meanwhile, those closest to Kate are given a good reason to believe she is still alive, forcing unexpected alliances and betrayals.


epi.5 Gore on Canvas
Batwoman is approached by Commander Kane and Agent Moore to boost an infamous work of art that reveals the way to Coryana - and Kate. Despite her reservations, Luke and Mary convince Ryan to take the assignment, causing tensions within the Bat-team to escalate. Meanwhile, as Alice attempts to fulfill Safiyah's insidious request, she slowly discovers that she may not remember everything about her time on Coryana.


epi.6 Do Not Resuscitate
As Ryan Wilder’s Kryptonite wound grows more severe, it hinders Batwoman’s ability to protect Gotham. Growing interest in reproducing the serum from the Desert Rose puts Mary’s and Commander Kane’s lives in danger. Meanwhile, Alice’s reunion with a fellow Coryana inhabitant presents unexpected complications.







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Tags: Rachel Maddow, Javicia Leslie, Ryan Wilder, Nicole Kang, Wallis Day

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