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Miriam Margolyes embarks on an epic road trip through the heartlands of middle America with her unique mix of charm, cheek and curiosity. Miriam is travellingalmost a thousand miles from Chicago to New Orleans, and along the way she meets the people whose voices and votes are reshaping the nation. Episode one sees Miriam in search of the American dream as she investigates whether it still exists and if it's available to all, and she asks why would you want it anyway. Miriam's journey starts in the divided city of Chicago. Staying with Airbnb 'super-hosts' Larry and Jai, she is introduced to ex-Playboy bunny Candace Jordan, who is now a leading socialite in the city. Candace persuades Miriam to have a beauty salon makeover and wardrobe revamp before heading to a glittering social event.

But Miriam wants to see the other side of this city of divided fortunes and travels to Chicago's troubled south side. At 'O' Block, she meets ex-gang member and former drug dealer SP, who can't leave his block for fear of rival gang shootings.

Next, Miriam hangs out with rapping brothers J-Mac and Tray Tray in Merrill Park - dubbed Murder Park by the regulars due to a spate of gang-related killings. But fearing Miriam's life may be in danger, AZ, her personal security guard, decides to pull her out, amid concerns of an imminent rival gang visit.

Miriam also wants to try and understand why people from other countries still want to become Americans. She heads to Indianapolis for a mass citizenship ceremony and meets the extraordinary Jose, who left his village in the jungle of the Congo and is now one of America's proudest and newest citizens - just in time for the 4 July celebrations, for which Miriam joins him and his family.

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