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The Long Song


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Hayley Atwell, Sir Lenny Henry and Tamara Lawrance all star in the new BBC period drama The Long Song

Tamara Lawrance (left)(King Charles III, The Split) plays protagonist July, a young, headstrong slave and maid to slave owner Caroline Mortimer.

“Every day at work is enlightening,” Lawrance says. “A real blessing to be amongst this cast and crew, playing a character as subversive as July. She relishes mutiny with wit and courage; finding ways to win in spite of her circumstances.

“She also rings true to Jamaica’s national heroes – Nanny, Paul Bogle and Sam Sharpe – who, by standing up for their own humanity, shifted world history. I believe stories like these illuminate the legacy of slavery in relation to where we are today. It’s all still relevant!”

Hayley Atwell (right) (Howards End, Agent Carter) plays July’s cruel mistress, Caroline Mortimer, a role described by Atwell as “deeply flawed”.

“Playing the deeply flawed Caroline Mortimer is a thrilling challenge and entirely new territory for me as an actor,” Atwell says. “Audiences will fall in love with the story’s remarkable heroine, July, who endures on-going abuses of power with dignity and poise, surviving injustices that were devastatingly prevalent during this time and place in history.

“It is a story that demands to be told,” Atwell adds.

Tags: Slavery, Hayley Atwell, Tamara Lawrance , Andrea Levy, The Long Song

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