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Bad Girls s1


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  Thanks tto Duffgirl

This show is set in a women’s prison, a little like OITNB and Wentworth. I’ve found it’s hugely unappreciated, which is a shame because it is exactly what the LGBT community needs right now. Though it’s a little outdated and is by no means perfect, it comes pretty darn close. 

Here is a list of things included in the show:
- Lesbian and gay characters
- Bisexual characters
- Transgender characters
- Discovering your sexuality 
- Slow burn romance
- Acknowledging healthy AND unhealthy relationships
- Homophobia being tackled well
- Character development
- Controversial subjects (TW including miscarriage, abuse, rape, addiction, mental illness) handled carefully and respectfully as well as being realistic
- Strong female characters
- Every series has at LEAST one same sex couple, usually more
- 0% queerbait 💯% proper representation 
- Hilarious and beautiful and imperfect REAL characters 
- There is probably more that I’ve forgotten just now 

And these two cute beans. I mean look at how precious they are "

cute beans

Tags: 1999, nikki wade, helen stewart, badgirls