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The trouble with Maggie Cole


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The new drama in question is a whimsical six-part series, The Trouble with Maggie Cole. The eponymous Maggie is a local historian, based in the picturesque seaside town of Thurlbury, whose interest in the town isn’t just limited to its history. It’s fair to say she is rather to fascinated by the lives of her fellow townsfolk. To put it less charitably, she is an inveterate gossip. She makes Dot Cotton look like the soul of discretion.

Maggie is also an egomaniac, a control-freak, a bully, and guilty of snobbery both intellectual and social. She is, in short, a bit of a flipping nightmare. So when a journalist from Coastland FM asks to interview Maggie about life in the town, she’s only too eager to jump at the chance. As is the way with almost all journalists portrayed on television, the interviewer is an oleaginous creep. He loosens Maggie’s tongue with several gins, and then encourages her to talk up a storm.

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